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Nine Elven Oh-One

On 9/11, Americans remember the tragedy that redefined our understanding of modern conflict. We remember the people who died in the twin towers. We remember the passengers on the planes and the brave men and women who brought down one of them before it hit the Pentagon. We remember the firefighters and first responders and brave citizens of New York City who stepped into all that chaos and death to try to find anyone who had survived and help someone.


Those who were not close to ground zero wrestled with our shock, our grief, our disbelief and the rising swell of empathy and compassion that drove us to want to contribute, to donate, to even travel if necessary and be a part of the national effort to handle this unprecedented event.

As someone who spends much of his time saturated in politics and current events, 9/11 marks another turning point that would have almost as dark implications as the attack, itself. The attacks on the World Trade Center cast the first stone in what w…
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Dancing Racist White Boy

If you're white, you're racist.

If you're like me and you read that or hear it, what's the first thing that goes through your mind? Anger? 'Oh fuck you...'  Is it surprise? "Whoa... what the hell man?" How about defensiveness. "Not if I can help it. Not that I know of." Or maybe dismissively vague. "Well everyone is a little, right?"

There's an article in the Atlantic concerning the role of race and the current Administration. It's a long article to listen to or read (you have both options), but it's engaging and beautifully written. It's the first article in a long time that I've really felt left me understanding the deeper framework under which we're struggling in our politics and social battles today.

Let me digress...

One of the hardest things in my life has been coming to terms with how much of who I am and how I am that has nothing to do with my conscious choices. Sure, I made conscious choices along t…

Joe Arpaio: A Bright Line Failure

No matter how much lipstick you see on a collar, or strange perfume you catch on a shirt, there is part of us that always holds out hope that the evidence we see hinting towards something awful is wrong; A hope that despite the signs, the underlying message is different.
But when you walk in on the cheating couple, that hope is removed and even though you might have strongly suspected infidelity the whole time, something about getting absolute knowledge still hits like a hammer.
Yesterday, we got that absolute confirmation: Our president is an unapologetic and soul-deep racist who believes his inner circle is above the law.
Joe Arpaio - The Tyrant of ArizonaSheriff Arpaio has a long and sordid history in Arizona, the kind of history you would think would horrify any reasonable person including unconstitutional jail living conditions, failure to investigate sexual assault cases, misuse of funds, abuse of power, election law violations, and even a staged assassination plot to boost his el…

The Consumer Spiral

The tricky part about critiquing late stage capitalist consumerism isn't thinking about it, it's talking about it. We live in a world that can no longer afford it's costs, consequences, and horrific toll on most participants but people have been living with this particular cancer for so long that they can't see any suggestion to the contrary as anything but communism.
So we recoil from the conversation.
Yet here we stand, sinking up to our throats in a thick slime of uncontrolled income disparity, poverty, diminishing opportunity capped with climate change placing an impending need on us to pull together if we're going to survive as a species.
But like a pretty flame, we paw at the false promise of unrestricted wealth heedless of the burns it inflicts on almost everyone who touches it. It lures millions into impoverished complacency; men and woman spending meager incomes month to month in hopes that eventually their 'temporary' financial disadvantage will ri…

Something Subtle

At the heart of this election lies a subtle truth. The world has been changing quickly in the last twenty years and with the advent of social media and portable electronics, the scope and nature of those changes has become unavoidable.The sudden deluge of information showing us all the differences in what makes up the American fabric has been terrifying to a large portion of our country that still, today, lives in mostly white, traditional communities across the rural US. We watched white rural American struggle with a black president. We watched parts of it squirm and coil against Obama no matter what he said or did because he represented something. He represented all those changes that had been hitting rural America again and again at faster and faster rates. While liberals wanted to make it purely about race, it was deeper than that. Yes, it was about a black president with a strange name, but Obama had also become a visible, daily symbol on TV and the news of all the changes and en…

Because Abortion Needs More Hate

David Harsayni is a senior editor at The Federalist, a conservative blog that gets a great deal of attention nationally. I regularly keep tabs on Real Clear Politics for articles about the election and current events. This shoddy piece of pseudo politics caught my attention and immediately hit a land mine with me. At the risk of making him more popular, a few things need to be said.

The article itself:
The Fedralist: 10 Abortion Questions Hillary Clinton Won't Answer

A good political thinker starts by getting fired up about something. They let their emotions flow about an issue and let those emotions fuel investigation and debate. They explore the ideas with the choir of voices like them then pit those ideas against their opponents and fight it out. But the good political thinker is debating and battling to test the limits and contours of the issue. Like a old grave rubbing, you run the crayon back and forth over the whole area and the outline of the message on the stone gets clear…

The Real Threat of Ted Cruz

"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."
-Genesis, 1:28

This single verse has had a powerful impact on western culture. While fairly simple and straight forward, it forms the religious foundation upon which consumerism, and manifest destiny are justified and things like climate change are denied. The state of humanity is understood to be an ongoing project to subdue and control the natural world, and the conquest of nature and the planet is seen as God's will and therefore just in all actions and most methods.

This, itself, has had some terrible consequences for our country.

But for some, like Ted and Raphael Cruz it doesn't stop at conquest of the natural world.

'Dominionism' is a theological approach that reads more into Genesis 1:28 than most other Christ…